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Has the Church Died during Coronavirus?

During the past few months churches have been locked and apparently desolate. Yet Christianity is not suffering. Amongst other things, many of us have been meeting 'virtually' for weekly Sunday worship, using our computers.

Initially, many of us disliked computers and some were a little apprehensive, But with a bit of determination and not a little excitement we embarked on a road which has been a comfort to many and has kept the 'word of God' alive and kicking in our villages a bit reminiscent of those first believers, meeting against all odds, at the very beginnings of Christianity some 2000 years ago. So successful has this enterprise been that it may become a permanent feature of Christian worship, running alongside in-church services.

Some cannot get to church through age, disability or other reasons; they may feel reluctant to take that first step; but if you would like to join us, from your own home, at 9.30am on a Sunday morning for an informal time of worship you will find it very easy.

Contact me at Email: johndsavage@ymail.com to receive simple advice on how to download ZOOM and follow the links. Yes, I know it sounds daunting but it really is easy and we could even arrange a 'trial run'!

You will find us happy, relaxed, welcoming and so very pleased to see you.

The true 'Church' is not the large building we see in our villages, it is the people who love God, want to share His love and want to find out more about His Son, Jesus Christ! Are you one of those people?

John Savage
Authorised Worship Assistant
Waterside Benefice


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Supporting good mental health

Given the challenging times we are living in with coronavirus, the Church of England have updated their booklet supporting good mental health with new reflections and new resources. They seek to provide hope, reassurance and comfort.

If you want to speak to someone, please visit the Mental Health Foundation website, which has lots of helpful resources and contacts. Visit the Mental Health Foundation website.


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Easter Sunday Address
The Revd Catherine Dobson
Rural Dean St Benet at Waxham & Tunstead

Easter Sunday is a day of real celebration as we remember that through Christ’s resurrection on that first Easter morning, the power of both sin and death have been broken.
Separation from God is no longer possible.
God is with us, through life, through death, in eternal life… ALWAYS.

As Jesus died, the curtain in the temple was torn in two, and the barriers that had previously separated God and humanity were overcome.

We live with Christ alongside us in every moment through his Spirit and in God’s power.

This is wonderful news for us on any day, but especially this Easter when we are staying home, and not able to meet together with those outside our household - our friends and family.

And while staying at home has its challenges and frustrations, what we face in our beautiful corner of Norfolk is relatively easy in comparison with many.
I am sure we know of those in more densely populated areas for whom self distancing is more difficult, and our troubles pale into insignificance when looking at the pictures on TV of those in refugee camps in Calais or Lesbos.

And our thoughts and prayers are of course with those who are working in our hospitals to save the lives so many who are desperately ill.
I don’t know whether you saw the chief nursing officer on the news who was talking about the ethos of Florence Nightingale who said that every patient should be given the best care possible, whether prince or pauper. Prince, Pauper or Prime Minister, for this is what the wonderful people who work in our NHS do day after day, shift after shift. They definitely deserve our applause each week and our daily prayers for strength and resilience.

Easter Sunday usually brings our churches filled with flowers and lilies in remembrance of those we have loved, and, as we remember Christ’s defeat over death, we hold in our hearts those we have loved but see no longer, in sure and certain hope.

Hope is really what today is all about.
The Oxford English dictionary defines hope as ‘to believe in something you want’ or are promised ‘to happen’.
We are people of Hope.
We are people who trust in God’s promise.
And we know we can trust His promise, as we can experience God with us, Emmanuel, in this life, in this very day.
Whatever each day brings, God promises to be with us.

So until we can meet again, let’s be hope-filled, even on those days when our spirits are low.
Let’s rejoice in the gift of this new day, by discovering new skills, by getting done those things we have been putting off for ages, and by enjoying a different feel to our daily life.

The monastic tradition teaches of the importance of structure and rhythm to the day, and this is important to hold on to in these times.
There are plenty of resources for prayer first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, evening and night prayer so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like some ideas.

As we continue to walk through this time, let us not let it define us.
Our God continues to be our strength and refuge, a very present help in times of trouble and the source of many blessings in each new day.
Our core calling as Christians, Jesus’ greatest command for us to love God and to love our neighbour, has not changed.
We adapt to new situations, and have much to pray for, but our God is with us, now and holds us together as his people in communion with one another and with all people everywhere as we call upon his name.

So may God continue to give you strength and perseverance in faith, joy in discovering him at work, comfort in those times of darkness and peace in your hearts when the day’s work is done.



How to reach us

Revd Catherine Dobson
Rural Dean St Benet at Waxham & Tunstead